ABOUT HealShip Technologies

Who we are!! A brief

Founded by a tenacious Entrepreneur with utmost desire & passion to deliver Creative projects to LIFE. Healship was initially a CSR social network intelligent platform targeting the Government and the Public. Driven by the purpose and likeminded Goals, four more co-founders joined the team. The technology was then acquired by Government entities in UAE & Kuwait. This helped the team to slingshot in delivering more creative projects.
We’ve spent years perfecting a process that takes our clients on a journey from discovery to design to delivery. It’s so much more than a checklist; it’s a proven approach that brings any of our customers succeed in their Goals& Business.


Your brand is central to everything. It’s the foundation of how your employees, customers and users connect with who you are and what you do. But how do they see you? And does that match with how you want them to see you? We help you discover this and more through in-depth research into your audiences, your peers and competitors, taking into account your brand’s history and exploring your future aspirations.


Using our findings, our creative team comes together to design effective and beautiful visual communications for your brand. We work iteratively, first presenting a range of creative options, then refining the creative in collaboration with you until we arrive at the ideal fit for you and what you need to achieve.


To us, branding goes beyond simply design. It's innate in how your organisation communicates and connects with the world. That’s why we’ve grown our team to include expertise and delivery excellence not just in branding and design but also in strategic communications, social media, digital development and print production.